Ask the Diamond Expert – Farooq Khan


At Borealis Diamonds we take great pride in our jewellery knowledge and put an emphasis on customer service. This includes taking every opportunity to better understand the needs of each individual that enters through our doors accordingly. Regardless if the customer is just browsing or if they require more of a hands on approach with us providing details and recommendations, it is our underlining goal to make them feel welcomed and well taken care of. Our extensive experience and knowledge for jewellery means that no matter your question, we are ready with an answer!

Much like the high end, quality gold and diamonds we sell, when it comes to the interactions with our patrons, we strive for perfection. All feedback, from good to room for improvement, is taken with gratitude. Buying a piece of jewellery is a very personal moment, whether the piece is for yourself or for a loved one, it is something that will last a life time. It is this fact about our line of business that makes us very thankful to feel so connected to the Wood Buffalo community.

Jewellery has the ability to inspire happiness for years to come, and we as a staff at Borealis Diamonds consider it an honour to be a part of that. We whole heartily invite you to come visit our little family and experience all that we have to offer. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. Phone us today at 780-743-2299