Ask the Oil Changes Expert – Jerry Lupul

Ask the Oil Changes Expert – Jerry Lupul 

Safety, safety, safety.

To me that is the first and foremost component of my business. Not only for myself and my staff but also for my customers. For the past 30 years it has been my passion to make sure none of my customers has a mechanical issue on my watch. Sure, I know that would be an impossibility, but it is a goal I have strived to achieve for the past three decades.

Of course we change the oil in your car as well as any other fluids that require attention as per your vehicle’s manufacturer requirements, but on top of that we also check a plethora of parts on your car that the average person cannot check or does not have the tools or knowledge to check. Our customers spend a great deal of money on their vehicles.  That is why we go out of our way to not only inspect these components but to explain these parts to our customers. I want my customers to become more knowledgeable about their cars in order to help them do the most cost-effective maintenance possible.  I keep saying that “maintenance is cheaper than repairs” to anyone who will listen.

Let us start at the bottom and work up. All that is separating you from disaster is about ¾ of an inch of rubber, including the tread and the rest of the rubber skins of the tires. Keeping proper inflation is probably the easiest task to do for your tires (see our previous article), and should be done once a month.

If you do not check them yourself rest assured they will be done during every oil change at the Lubrication Station.

Next is the depth of the tire tread. A brand new tire has a tread depth of 11/32” and 3/32” and less is a disaster waiting to happen. As a matter of fact, if you unlucky enough to be part of a safety inspection on the side of the road and depth is less than 3/32” your car may not be moving any further under its own power, if you get my drift.

When is the last time you crawled under your car to check for any cuts or gashes to the insides of the tires on your car? We check for them every oil change.

Last but not least we check for uneven wear to the treads of your tires. This is caused by a number of issues; over inflation, under inflation, bad alignment, out of balance, over weight, and sometimes the wrong tires for your type of vehicle.

At every oil change we check for any leaks in your exhaust system. If you want to know how dangerous carbon monoxide is to your family please look it up, it is not a gas to fool around with.

We check all components associated with the suspension under your car; shocks or struts, springs, leafs, tie rods (inner and outer), control arms, pitman arms, CV joints, CV boots, and whatever we can get our greasy little hands on.

On rear wheel vehicles there are u-joints that have to be inspected every oil change along the drive-line. The front and rear differentials, and transfer cases are also checked for amount of fluid, condition of fluid, and leaks.

Belts and hoses are checked for cracks and weak spots under the hood and under the vehicle, when possible.

Air filter and pollen filters need to be inspected not only for the proper health of your car but the health of your passengers when it comes to the pollen filter. Remember all that smoke in the air? The pollen, or cabin, filter would have made driving a lot less smelly.

If I am allowed to keep your car in tiptop condition, I know your holiday driving will be trouble free and a happy experience. Always remember maintenance is by far less expensive and repairs.

Over the past 30 years I have developed a bit of a phobia about seeing cars on the side of the highway, first, are they one of my customers and did we not check something properly? And second, can I stop and help them out in some way? Happily in all those years have I not once stopped to help someone where they were either my customer or had a problem that one of my stores may have caused.

The one thing you may not know is that all these inspections of the underside of your vehicle will be performed by our staff ANYTIME and with absolutely no cost to you. A peace of mind inspection FREE. Give us a try, you may like us. Look us up at Or call, 306-249-5823, 306-956-3278,

Lubrication education can be a beautiful thing.