Ask the Footwear Expert – Len Romanski


Ask the Footwear Expert – Len Romanski

Do you have a sharp pain in your heel that gets worse throughout the day? You may have a heel spur.

What are Heel Spurs?

A heel spur is a build up of calcium that presses into to the nerves and tissue of the heel causing pain. They typically form due to pressure points on the heel from high impact exercise, standing for long periods, weight gain or improper footwear. Heel spurs are a common foot complaint and while they do take time to recover from, they are often easily treated.

How do you treat Heel Spurs?

The calcium that makes a heel spur can be reabsorbed by the body, but it will only do so if the pressure point that caused it is eliminated. Heel pads are helpful in that they provide instant pain relief, though they should not be used alone as they do not reduce the pressure being put on the heel, only cushion it. Ways to reduce pressure points include:

  • Arch Support- Supporting the arch helps to redistribute your body’s weight across the entire foot.
  • Avoid being barefoot- Especially on unyielding surfaces such as hardwood, tile and concrete.
  • New shoes- Even the best shoes loose their cushioning and support over time. Often this wear is inside the shoe where it isn’t visible which leads to many people continuing to wear shoes that are no longer suitable.
  • Engage in low impact exercise such as swimming, cycling or walking on grass or sand.

Remember- you don’t have to live with foot pain!

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